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Malabar is grown in the Indian district of Kerala. It is first exposed to the monsoon rains for 5 days after harvesting to moisten it and then dried by the monsoon winds for 7 weeks. When coffee was still transported by sailing ships, a journey from India to Europe took about six months. Due to the change in climate, the green coffee beans changed in color, size and taste. Today, Indian coffee growers use the monsoon to produce a specialty coffee that has exactly these characteristics - without any time delay. The traditional process of "monsooning" is carried out in Malabar, a region located on the west coast of India, north of the city of Cochin. The Malabar region is known for its nature and lush wildlife. The humid monsoon climate causes the changes in weight and characteristics of the coffee beans, which produce the unique soft and low-acid flavor. The "monsooning" process takes place during the months of June through September, when the southwest monsoon winds are at their strongest. The coffee beans are harvested, sorted, screened according to the "A Grade" classification and exposed to the hot-humid climate on well-ventilated cement floors of small drying houses in layers 10 to 15 cm thick. This causes them to swell with increasing humidity, so that the original moisture content increases from about 12-14 percent to about 16-20 percent. In addition, the beans take on their characteristic straw-yellow to beige color. The coffee beans are then loosely placed in jute bags and stacked with sufficient spacing between them to allow the monsoon to better circulate around the bags and to ensure that the moisture content is about the same in all the beans. During this process, the coffee develops its particular taste and smell. The best coffee for a sensitive stomach.


FLAVOR: spicy
AROMA: nutty, mild, spices


Espresso: ***
Filter Coffee: -
Cafe: ***


my-icon-1     MYSORE/COORG
my-icon-3  GRADE AA | SCREEN 17/18
my-icon-4  ARABICA
my-icon-5  S-795, SLN.5, SLN.6, SLN.7.3, SLN.9, SLN.10, SLN.12
my-icon-6  MONSOONED
my-icon-8  2021/22
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